Control Energy Usage with myOGEpower

Can small changes in your electricity usage help your business save? Find the answer with myOGEpower.

Take control of your power by activating your free myOGEpower account today. Here you can see your electricity use in greater detail, along with the ability to track and manage electricity use more efficiently. This tool offers OG&E business customers the chance to see exactly when their energy is being used. You'll be able to view your current usage and see an estimated monthly bill. 

If you’d still like to see lower bills, especially during the summer months, check out the rate comparison tool that will help you determine the best and most affordable rate for your lifestyle. First, visit to activate your account today. Then click on the "How Can I Save?" tab. You'll see what your bill would have been over the previous year if you'd been on different rate plans. It will show you how much you can save by switching to the SmartHours Price Plan.

Through myOGEpower, you will also receive weekly updates on your energy usage and how you’re doing compared to prior weeks. You'll also be able to see how even small shifts in how you use energy could help you save money.

It's important to note, that activating your free myOGEpower tool is different than switching to the SmartHours rate plan.  Click here to switch to SmartHours, shift some of your energy usage, and save!

MyOGEpower can help your business save on electricity!

Watch a brief myOGEpower tour to learn how this free online tool can help your business take control of your energy usage and save on utility bills.