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Emergency Home Repair Plans from HomeServe

OG&E and HomeServe have partnered to offer protection for customers from the unexpected expense and inconvenience of emergency repairs. Homeowners are often unaware of their responsibility for the repairs to the systems in and around their home that aren't typically covered by their homeowners insurance. That's why HomeServe offers optional yet affordable programs to help provide peace of mind.

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Exterior Electrical Coverage

Your home's exterior electrical wiring includes complicated parts like attachment wiring and the wiring from the meter box to the electrical panel. Finding qualified help for emergency repairs can be time-consuming and expensive. Stay grounded with reliable Exterior Electrical Coverage from HomeServe.

Interior Electrical Coverage

Old or faulty wiring can cause electrical outlets, sockets and fittings, breaker panels, and fuse boxes to fail. These emergency repairs can be costly and are not typically covered by basic homeowners insurance policies. Lighten your share of expensive repair costs with Interior Electrical Coverage from HomeServe.

Electrical Surge Coverage

An electrical surge can damage or destroy your electronic devices, resulting in unplanned repair or replacement costs. Stay protected with Electrical Surge Coverage from HomeServe.

How Repair Plans from HomeServe Work


Call HomeServe 24/7

If you have a problem, a repair hotline representative is available to take your call 24/7 and can schedule an appointment to get you the help you need.



HomeServe Will Send a Technician

When you need to make a claim, we will send a local, licensed technician right to your doorstep to handle your covered repair.



Get Thumbs Up Service

Local, licensed and insured professionals in HomeServe’s network deliver quality service to our customers. The result is a big thumbs up for the repair work.