SmartHours Starts Friday, June 1

Over 100,000 OG&E customers are saving money on SmartHours. Are you one?

As a SmartHours customer, you are paying nearly half price for your electricity 19 hours each summer weekday and all 48 weekend hours. So when you can, shift your energy usage out of peak hours (2-7 p.m.). Here are the best techniques for doing that:

PRE-COOL your home

Program your thermostat to start cooling around 11 a.m., maybe 4 degrees cooler than it’s normally set, then bump up the thermostat at 2 p.m. This can help you remain comfortable well past 6 in the afternoon. And by 7 p.m., off-peak rates start again! Since cooling is 20% of your summer energy costs, it’s the simplest way to save.

You’re FANtastic

You’ve pre-cooled, but is it warming up? Turn on fans before touching the thermostat and you’ll stay comfortable longer.

Avoid chores

Schedule the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and more for off-peak hours or the weekend. Run pool and spa pumps at night, without affecting water quality.

Save BIG on High and Critical price days!

These are huge savings opportunities. During rare times of high demand, a critical event might be called, with notices sent at least 2 hours ahead. So look for them, then shift as much energy usage as you can out of peak hours during these days. Don’t hurry home on High and Critical price days. Run errands, go to a movie, enjoy a stroll through your favorite mall – there are many ways to save.

All about the thermostat

Cooling your home is 20% of your summer energy costs. So get to know your thermostat and double-check your summer settings now. And learn more about how you control comfort and savings with easy-to-follow instructional videos at Get tips for staying comfortable by pre-cooling – and cut your bills.

If you'd like to adjust your SmartHours notification preferences, please contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834 (M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).