End of SmartHours Season

Dear SmartHours Customer,

The 2018 SmartHours on-peak prices ended Friday, September 28. With this year’s on-peak prices ending, customers won’t be receiving daily price notifications via email or text until the next SmartHours season, starting June 1, 2019, when on-peak prices begin again. We hope you’ll continue to be among over 120,000 SmartHours customers who have saved money and energy.

Now, as we move into cooler months and winter rates (non-SmartHours-season rates), it’s time to set your SmartTemp Thermostat for the season. On the day your October billing cycle begins, your thermostat will recognize a price increase from 5₵ per kWh (the off-peak SmartHours price you have been enjoying) to 9₵ per kWh (the standard winter price*).This price increase may signal your thermostat to switch into “Conservation Mode” and a light may appear. This is a normal procedure for your thermostat and how it helps you save money and energy during those hot summer months. Please note that the light and Conservation Mode may appear each month until next spring.

But here’s a tip for avoiding Conservation Mode this winter:

If you have an Energate SmartTemp Thermostat, set it to the “Max Comfort” mode until springtime. This will override and ignore all incoming price signals. Click here to watch a short instructional video about how to do this.

Of course, by June 1, 2019 you will want to reset your SmartTemp to its previous setting. We’ll send you a reminder to do so before SmartHours 2019 begins!

Wintertime tip #2: Prep your heater!

Have your heater checked and serviced by your preferred, licensed contractor. And be sure the heater’s pilot light is lit.

Wintertime tip #3: You have the power!

We want to remind you that you have anytime access to myOGEpower. This free and mobile-friendly website lets you get the most out of SmartHours by helping you track and manage electricity more efficiently to lower your bills. myOGEpower allows you to see the energy you’re using in incredible detail, all year ‘round. If you haven’t already activated myOGEpower, you may do so at

Please contact us at 877-898-3834 with any questions you have. Thanks very much for your participation in the SmartHours program!


Your friends at OG&E

* From October through May billing periods, the winter price is 9₵ per kWh for the first 600 kilowatts your home uses each month, and 5₵ per kWh for all kilowatt usage after that. The average OG&E customer uses about 1,200 kilowatts each month.