Chances are you switched to SmartHours to save money. SmartHours customers know it's easy to lower costs, manage your electric bill and become more energy conscious with this rate option. So how much easier can it get? Much.

Set it. Forget it.

OG&E has teamed up with IFTTT to take SmartHours and your smart thermostat to the next level. What is IFTTT? “If This, Then That” enabling technology works with your smart thermostat to react to daily price signals. Set your thermostat to react to low, standard, high and critical rates and OG&E communicates the daily rate. IFTTT takes care of the rest. With an IFTTT connection and your smart thermostat, you have another convenient tool to help you stay in control of your energy costs.


Connect SmartHours + IFTTT to Save Energy!

  • Create Your IFTTT.com Account

    Visit IFTTT.com and create an account. You can also download the IFTTT mobile app for added convenience.

  • View the OG&E Services

    Click on the “Explore” tab, search for OG&E and select Services, then select OG&E SmartHours. Or, just go to ifttt.com/oge.

  • Activate an OG&E Connection

    Select applet and click the “Connect” button.

  • Link your thermostat or other device

    Enter your account login and password to authenticate.

  • Customize Connection

    Enter parameters in the connection to customize your preferences.

  • You are ready to go!

    Feel free to explore and create your own applets on IFTTT.

I acknowledge and agree that OG&E is providing data delivery with IFTTT compatibility “as-is” and OG&E makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the data or the availability, timely delivery or receipt of the data. I understand and agree that I am not entitled to any compensation related to my enrollment/participation in the IFTTT offering. This includes, but is not limited to, events in which data is inaccurate and/or I do not receive the data.