Advanced A/C Tune-up
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Advanced A/C Tune-up benefits include:

  • A/C Tune-up costs covered up to $200 (additional charges may apply, and your home A/C unit must be in working order to receive the A/C Tune-up)
  • Up to one pound of new compatible refrigerant may be provided if needed (you may purchase more refrigerant if needed; older refrigerant such as R22 is not compatible with the Advanced A/C Tune-up program)
  • Longer-lasting, better-working equipment
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Improved comfort and humidity control

Advanced A/C Tune-ups are available to OG&E residential customers who own or rent a single-family, permanent foundation home. If your address participated in an OG&E A/C Tune-up within the past ten years, your system is ineligible. Funds are limited, and on a first-come, first-served basis. Tune-ups are performed when the weather is 70 degrees or higher consistently. The program will end when funds are exhausted, and/or the weather is below 70 degrees.

OG&E also offers rebates for replacing your home's HVAC system, up to $500 per ton toward a qualifying A/C or Heat Pump replacement (based on efficiency and size) and up to $750 per ton toward a qualifying Geothermal replacement. This rebate is offered as an instant discount off participating contractor's invoice. Funds are limited, and on a first-come. first-served basis. The program will end when funds are exhausted. Call 844-882-5746 to find an OG&E Participating Replacement Contractor in your area. For further information email