Empowering Sustainability

Protecting the environment through innovative solutions.

Photo: Crossroads Wind Farm in Dewey County, Oklahoma

Scenic view of sunset at Crossroads Wind Farm in Dewey County, Oklahoma.
Our Environmental Commitment Story

Our corporate stewardship begins with our belief that we’re only as strong as our communities. Today, we’re serving the needs of our customers by incorporating increasingly larger amounts of cleaner natural gas while deploying zero-emitting technology including renewables. We’re also able to minimize our reliance on freshwater while taking the lead on conservation initiatives dedicated to preserving – and growing — the biodiversity of our region. As a company, we’re committed to implementing new ways to meet our clean energy goals as we minimize our environmental footprint.

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ESG Reporting Center

Download our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports and learn more about our positions and commitments.
Worker inspecting solar panels at Mustang Energy Center.
Clean & Reliable Energy

We are consistent with the climate recommendations of the Paris Agreement and expect to reduce overall CO2 emissions to 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. We will continue to add solar and wind to power our communities while expanding our fleet of evolving technology to tap cleaner energy sources.

A view of blue skies over the Oklahoma City skyline.
Air Quality

We continue to protect our communities and the air that we breathe by prioritizing clean energy as part of our balanced energy mix.

A scenic view of Sooner Power Plant and Lake Sooner.
Water Management

We are transforming and reducing OG&E’s reliance on our most precious natural resource: water. By incorporating more efficient resources into our portfolio, we are doing our part to maintain water accessibility for future generations.

Skydance bridge spanning over Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City.
Reuse & Recycle

Minimizing waste is fundamental to our operations and corporate culture. We’re committed to adopting new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Field of flowers with substation in background.

We recognize and respect the intersection of our operations and the environment. Enhancing and supporting our local habitat allows us to utilize our resources to preserve the vast biodiversity throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas.