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A Smarter Way to Serve You
OG&E’s grid enhancement work provides more reliable, resilient, secure and efficient power for customers. The plan focuses on the installation of new technology, equipment and communication systems that promote a self-healing grid.
Grid Enhancement

Our reliance on mobile devices, computers and advanced technology is moving us to unprecedented demand for reliable and resilient electricity. OG&E’s grid enhancement will better meet the needs of customers today and in the future.

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Fewer Interruptions

We're upgrading and installing new equipment on overhead and underground power lines to reduce service interruptions caused by wildlife, severe weather and equipment failures.
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Smarter Grid

We’re adding technology that senses and isolates disruption in our system and automatically reroutes power for as many customers as possible. Armed with more accurate outage locations, crews can respond faster to restore service for remaining customers.


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Low Rates

Our grid enhancement investments allow us to maintain affordable rates.
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Learn More About Our Grid Enhancement

Arkansas Grid Enhancement

OG&E customers in Arkansas see benefits of grid enhancement.

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By the Numbers

On average, OG&E customers in Arkansas experience a 40 percent reduction in service interruptions and a 60 percent reduction in interruption duration as a result of grid enhancement.

In Your Neighborhood

OG&E contractors may soon be in your area making grid enhancements.

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Notification Process

If work must be done on your property or it becomes necessary to enter your property to access the lines, the OG&E contractor will make a reasonable effort to contact you or leave a door hanger on your front door.

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Landscape shot of solar panels.
Power Generation
OG&E owns and operates three wind farms, five solar farms and nine natural gas and coal power plants.
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Transmission & Distribution
OG&E owns and operates overhead and underground power lines to deliver electricity to our customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas.
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Vegetation Management
With a little planning, you can enjoy properly-placed trees that avoid power lines and provide summer shade for years to come.