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Fuel Cost Adjustment
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How Fuel Costs Impact Your Monthly Bill

The fuel used to generate electricity is critical to energizing life, from your home to business to the community at large. The cost of fuel is included in every electric bill, here you can learn how that cost is adjusted when necessary and how you can manage the impact of those changes.


Today‚Äôs economic environment is creating financial strain for many in our communities, and we know the rising cost of energy is concerning. We understand you depend on us to provide safe and reliable electric service and know that you count us every day to be there for you and your family, your business and your life. We also know that you expect us to keep bills as low as possible. 

Global factors have caused natural gas prices to increase, and even triple in many areas. We are working to manage the increasing costs of energy supply and we continue to provide payment assistance programs to customers who need help and offer programs to help customers manage their energy bills and usage. 

 We hope this page provides our customers with more understanding of what goes into their bill, why bills are increasing, and what actions they can take. If you need payment assistance, please contact Customer Service at 405-272-9741 (Oklahoma City) or 800-272-9741 (all other areas).

Oklahoma OG&E Fuel Adjustment FAQs - Jan. 1, 2023

Arkansas OG&E Fuel Adjustment FAQs - Nov. 1, 2022 

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