Electric Vehicles FAQs
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Electric Vehicles
What are the benefits of Electric Vehicles?

Electric Vehicles provide a quiet, clean, and efficient means of transporting people and goods. They also offer users the opportunity to save money on fuel and maintenance costs while reducing tail-pipe emissions.

Are there any federal incentives for purchasing an Electric Vehicle?

The Inflation Reduction Act provides tax credits of up to $7,500 for new electric vehicles and $4,000 for used electric vehicles.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle at home?

Charging at home can be the least expensive way to refuel an electric car. Using current average prices, a typical driver could save more than $1,200 each year by switching from gas to electricity. The average cost to charge an electric car will depend on where you live and the distance you drive. However, the price of electricity is more stable than gasoline - and it can cost 66–80 percent less than gas.

Does OGE provide any rebates or incentives for installing a charging port for my Electric Vehicle?

OG&E offers customers a $250 rebate per charging port. This program offers residential customers rebates for purchasing and installing qualified electric vehicle charging stations in their homes.

What are the different types of Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles come in many forms. PEV, or Plug-in Electric Vehicle, is any vehicle that plugs in to recharge. These vehicles may or may not also have a gasoline engine on board. PEVs come in three types:

  • BEV, or Battery Electric Vehicle, is a total electric vehicle that stores electricity in batteries
  • PHEV, or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, primarily uses gasoline and is supplemented with electricity
  • EREV, or Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, primarily uses electricity and is supplemented with gasoline
Does OGE offer a special pricing option for Electric Vehicle owners?

The pricing option you choose will depend on your preferences and lifestyle and any rate you choose is compatible with EVs. OG&E offers different pricing options such as Variable Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, and Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use. These rates can offer great value from June 1st – September 30th during off-peak hours. OGE.com/pricingoptions

How can I find Electric Vehicle charging stations?

You can find charging stations here. There will be an EV charging station every 50 miles on EV corridors created by National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program.