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About SmartHours
What is the SmartHours program?

SmartHours is a time-based program that allows customers to save money all summer long.  SmartHours allows you to save money by reducing or shifting some of your energy usage away from peak hours (summer weekday afternoons, M – F, June 1 – Sept. 30, 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. excluding Independence Day and Labor Day) to off-peak hours, when energy costs less.  The price during peak hours varies, and each day, you’ll receive advance notice of the next day’s peak price – by your choice of text, phone, email, or all three – so you can manage your energy use.  Small changes can help you save big.

Which SmartHours rate should I choose?

You can choose the SmartHours plan that fits your lifestyle. Your options are: 

•    SmartHours Daily (VPP): the daily peak price varies. You can plan and shift your usage based on day-ahead pricing notifications. Each day, you’ll receive advance notice of the next day’s peak price – by your choice of text, phone, email, or all three – so you can manage your energy use. Manage your notifications at  
•    SmartHours Fixed (TOU): Enjoy the same price for all on-peak hours. 
•    SmartHours Overnight (EV-TOU): In addition to having the same price for all on-peak hours, you’ll also be able to enjoy greater discounts by shifting some electricity use to overnight, when prices are lowest. 
You can switch to any of these rates here. 

How can I save money on SmartHours for my home?

Home Savings Tips

Here are some savings tips to help you save all summer long. 

•    Do laundry and run the dishwasher off-peak, after 7 p.m. 
•    Cook later in the evenings, or prep meals during mornings or on weekends. 
•    Turn off lights, TVs and computers when not in use. 
•    Pre-cool your home by at least 4 degrees at 11 a.m., then turn up the thermostat in the afternoon at 2 p.m. and you will stay more comfortable during peak hours.  
•    Shut off pool and hot tub pumps during peak hours (without affecting water quality). 
•    Make sure your home is as efficient as possible, so it requires less energy to cool. Learn more about our energy efficiency programs here.  
•    Use our rebate and purchase your own smart thermostat to set it and forget it!

Oklahoma Rebate | Arkansas Rebate

How can I save money on SmartHours for my business?

Business Savings Tips

•    Pre-cool your business by at least 4 degrees at 11 a.m., then turn up the thermostat in the afternoon at 2 p.m. and you will stay more comfortable during peak hours.  
•    Make sure your business is as efficient as possible, so it requires less energy to cool.  
•    Turn off lights, computers and monitors when not in use. 
•    On high-heat days, use ceiling and floor fans to help circulate air for more comfort. 
•    Wait to charge forklifts or stock any refrigerators or freezers during off-peak hours. 
•    Shut off unused lights and computers at the end of the day.  

SmartHours Pricing
What price do I pay?

During the weekday hours of 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., SmartHours customers will pay a variable on-peak rate - either Low, Standard, High, or Critical. Customers are notified of each day's rate a day in advance.

Why does the price change during peak hours?

To meet customer demand during peak hours, OG&E must use its most expensive generating units or purchase electricity from others at a higher cost. The SmartHours program gives customers the option to change when and how they use electricity so they can benefit by shifting their use to times when the price is lowest.

What determines the peak price?

Peak price is determined from the estimated use of all customers and the availability of less expensive electricity. The variable peak prices within the program are determined by a formula in the SmartHours (VPP) tariff, which you can find in the Oklahoma Rate Tariffs sections of our website.

How is the price different from what I am on now?

Most customers are on the standard rate. The standard rate is an average of the price of electricity and the estimated peak demand. This means that those on the standard rate pay a higher price 19 hours of the day when costs are low and may pay a lower price only 5 hours of the day when costs are high.

What is a critical event and why is one called?

Critical events, while rare, can occur any day of the week, at any time of the year and can last up to eight hours. SmartHours customers receive notice of a critical event at least two hours ahead. Critical Events  are called when customer demand is expected to be high. OG&E is trying to reduce the peaks every summer, and regardless of temperatures, every summer has a peak demand. The goal of the SmartHours program is to reduce the summer peak day by as much as possible. If we believe a summer peak day may occur we attempt to set the price high to achieve the maximum reduction possible.

About the SmartTemp Thermostat
How does the SmartTemp Thermostat work?

The SmartTemp Thermostat is a state-of-the-art, programmable thermostat which allows customers to set their temperature preferences based on the current price of electricity.  When the thermostat is installed, customers are assisted by the installer to set their temperature-price preferences. Once these are set, the thermostat will receive price signals through the Smart Grid system and adjust based on the customer’s preprogrammed preferences; these preferences and the resulting temperature settings can be overridden or changed by the customer at any time.

Where can I find tutorials or user manuals for my SmartTemp Thermostat?

View our SmartTemp Thermostat tutorials on YouTube.


You can also access all of the user manuals here:


Carrier thermostat manual

P1 thermostat manual

P2 thermostat manual

Will the SmartTemp Thermostat work if I have a window unit?

Not at this time, but you may still switch to the rate without a SmartTemp Thermostat.

Who manufactured the SmartTemp Thermostats?

There are two versions of the SmartTemp Thermostat. One is manufactured by Energate and the other by Carrier. These are specifically designed to work in conjunction with Smart Grid programs and are compatible with most HVAC and/or heat pump systems.

What do the lights on the SmartTemp Thermostat indicate?

There are four LED lights on the SmartTemp Thermostat. Yellow signifies a low price day, orange a medium price, and red is a high or critical price day. The blue LED indicates that the thermostat has adjusted the set-point temperature based on your conservation settings. Conservation will be displayed on the screen instead of the set-point name.

Why does my A/C seem to run more frequently since my new thermostat was installed?

The SmartTemp Thermostat is designed to keep the temperatures in a narrow range and minimize over and under-shooting the set-point. As a result it may run more often than an older thermostat with a wider range around the set-points but for shorted length of times.

Why is my A/C coming on an hour before I want it to?

When the price for a medium, high or critical event is sent, the anticipation function is disabled. The anticipation time begins to heat or cool the space one hour early so the temperature is at the desired set-point at the designated time.  The thermostat’s default setting of 60 minutes anticipation time is ignored when there is a price event.


What is pre-cooling and why is it important?

Pre-cooling is designed to cool your home or business to a temperature below your set-point prior to the peak demand period (2 p.m. – 7 p.m.). This process is done while the cost of electricity is the least expensive. By pre-cooling, the temperature in your home or business, will allow your HVAC system to remain off and coast for a period of time (approx. 2 hours) and save you money by decreasing the operating time when prices are high. How long it coasts is dependent on how much you pre-cool and how well your home or business is insulated. When your thermostat was installed, you may have been prompted by your installer to set a temperature to pre-cool your home. This is a recommended setting for customers and will allow your home to stay cool longer while your thermostat is bumped up a few degrees during peak hours.


How do I set up my SmartTemp Thermostat to pre-cool?

To program your SmartTemp Thermostat for pre-cooling insert a new set-point (one that is not already in use by the weekday schedule) in your weekday schedule to start around noon and set the pre-cooling temperature at least 2 degrees lower than the set-point that was in effect at noon. Step-by-step videos can be found here or you can contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834 (M – F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

How do I tell my A/C when I’m not home, or set it to my schedule?

There are four default weekday set-points (Wake, Leave, Return, and Sleep). There are two default weekend set-points (Wake and Sleep). The set-point menu is used to change the temperature associated with each set-point. The schedule menu is used to change the time associated with each set-point. Up to 6 set-points can be used per day.  There is also an extend hold set-point for when you plan to be away from home for several days like vacation. Step-by-step videos can be found here or you can contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834 (M – F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

Can I change the temperature setting on my SmartTemp Thermostat during a price event?

Yes, you always control your temperature and comfort. You can temporarily override your thermostat settings until your next scheduled set-point, or you can change the temperature set-point and schedule.


Can I make the SmartTemp Thermostat operate like a manual thermostat?

Yes, by setting only one set-point for each day and using the temporary override to adjust the temperature during the day, it will function like a manual thermostat.  However, you may miss opportunities to save money during the day if you are not home to make the adjustments for higher-priced hours.

Can I change the SmartTemp Thermostat on the internet?

Not at this time. OG&E is continuing to evaluate this and other technology options.


Does OG&E see, monitor or control my SmartTemp Thermostat?

No. You are in complete control. The SmartTemp Thermostat receives price signals from OG&E.  Based on your settings, it will adjust the temperature of your home, which means you always control how cool your home is and how much you can save. This program is designed to provide customers with the opportunity to reduce their electricity usage based on their needs and lifestyles changes. The thermostat allows a convenient way to automate their changes and choices.

My SmartTemp Thermostat screen is blank. What should I do?

The thermostat is powered by your air unit, so if your thermostat is blank, please call your licensed HVAC repair company.

I sometimes get a message on my screen “Output short circle. Check wiring”. What should I do?

Contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834. They will send the installer to check for an intermittent short circuit in the SmartTemp Thermostat installation. If it is in the thermostat they will repair it at no cost to you. If not, they will tell you to contact your HVAC repair service.


What should I do if the SmartTemp Thermostat heat or cool animation (flame or snow flake) shows it is on but the furnace or A/C is not running?

Contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834. They will send the installer to check the thermostat. If it is incorrect, they will repair or replace it at no cost. If the problem is with your HVAC equipment, they will recommend that you call your HVAC repair service.


For two days a month, in the winter, my thermostat indicates that I am in conservation mode. What should I do?

Set your SmartTemp Thermostat to the “Max Comfort” mode until springtime. This will override and ignore all incoming price signals. A short instructional video is available on our video page that shows how to manage this setting.

Why does the text on my SmartTemp Thermostat screen flicker?

It is normal for people to see flicker in the text if they look at it on an angle or if they are looking at the Conservation screen. This is cosmetic and does not affect the thermostat’s operation.

What should I do when I receive a low battery message on my thermostat screen?

Carefully remove the faceplate and replace the CR2032 3V lithium battery. The battery is for back up only in case of a power outage.

If I moved into a home with an OG&E thermostat, can I use it for SmartHours?

Yes. Contact the OG&E SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834 to confirm you are on the SmartHours rate plan and make sure your thermostat is connected.

Contacting OG&E
Average Monthly Billing FAQs
What is the Average Monthly Billing (AMB) Pricing Option?

AMB helps level out the unusually high bills from months of high electricity use.

How is the offer calculated?

The AMB amount is based on the current month’s billing and includes the previous AMB balance forward, plus available billing amount history up to 11 months with the total divided by 12 or when less than 12 months billing amount history exists, the total available billing amount history including current months billing is divided by the total number of days available for a daily average, then times the actual number of days of the current bill.

Who qualifies for AMB?

A customer must be serviced under a residential rate for at least six months. A customer must not have a previous balance when the pricing option is initiated, and you must not have current billing that is past due.

Can commercial andor industrial customers enroll in AMB?

AMB can be made available to commercial and industrial customers. Approval for commercial and industrial customers to be enrolled in the pricing option rests with OG&E.

How do I unenroll from AMB?

You can unenroll on by signing into your online account, going to the View Enrollments page, and then selecting the Average Monthly Billing selection to unenroll. You can also call the Call Center OKC Metro 405-272-9595 All Other Areas 800-522-6870.

What happens if I unenroll from AMB?

When a customer withdraws from AMB but does not discontinue service with OG&E, the customer will have the option of paying the account balance in full, or if qualified, under a deferred payment agreement. Any refund due to the customer will be made by billing credit unless the customer requests otherwise.

Can I be removed from AMB?

Yes, a customer may be automatically removed from the AMB pricing option if payment is received after the due date twice in a 12-month period. If the customer is removed due to late payments, they must wait 12 months before becoming eligible for reinstatement to the AMB pricing option, unless waived by OG&E. Billing under this pricing option may be automatically terminated upon discontinuance of service. Any amounts owed for service billed under this pricing option shall be due as any other final bill for service. Any amounts overpaid for service billed under this pricing option shall be refunded to the customer by check.

Guaranteed Flat Bill (GFB)
What is the Guaranteed Flat Bill (GFB) Program?

GFB offers customers the option to pay the same monthly amount for their energy usage for a year.

How is the offer calculated?

The GFB offer is calculated by a formula that inputs the following information: historical weather patterns, expected customer usage, standard customer rate, base monthly customer charge, and the risk factor percentage for OG&E. You can find more information on the formula here.

Who qualifies for the GFB Program?

The program is available to residential customers in Oklahoma who have been in their current residence over the previous 12 months, have had their electricity priced on the applicable residential tariffs and riders over the past 12 months, and are currently in good standing with OG&E.

Why am I shown ineligible when I try to enroll online?

Common reasons for ineligibility include:

  • You currently do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • You currently have less than 12 months of history with OG&E
  • You currently have a low monthly and/or annual kWh usage
  • You are not in good standing with OG&E. For example, you have had multiple late payments.
How long is the contract duration?

The contract is for 12 months and renewed on a yearly basis. All eligible GFB renewal offers will be recalculated and the contract will automatically be renewed for the following year unless the customer notifies OG&E otherwise.

Is there a usage limit for the GFB program?

If a customer’s recorded usage includes a 3-month period in which actual usage exceeds expected usage by at least 30%, OG&E may, at its discretion, return the customer to the traditional tariff for the remaining months of the GFB contract with early departure fees.

What rates can I be on along with the GFB Program?

Customers cannot be on another rate while enrolled in the GFB program.

How do I unenroll from the program?

You can unenroll by calling OG&E Customer Service. A customer who withdraws from the program prior to the end of the 12-month contract period will be required to pay any positive difference between their actual usage as if billed on the standard Residential (R-1) tariff and the amount billed under GFB. No GFB credits will be returned.