Wide shot of multiple wind turbines across field in Oklahoma at sunset
Join the Revolution
It’s a breeze to choose clean, abundant, renewable OG&E Wind Power.
Ensure Our Future

It costs just pennies a day to cut your carbon footprint and move our country a little closer to energy independence.

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From Our Farms to Your Home
Oklahoma is the nation’s fourth largest wind power producer. OG&E pioneered that commitment, creation and growth back in 2003 and has seven active wind farms statewide.
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Choose Your Level

OG&E Wind Power is sold in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Each REC is equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or one megawatt-hour of energy. There are three levels to choose from for an initial one year period.

Aerial shot of wind turbines in large field during mid afternoon in Oklahoma
The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
Wind energy reduces our carbon footprint and it also completes sustainability requirements for commercial and industrial clients.
See How Wind Powers our Customers

Balancing our Energy Portfolio

OG&E assures reliable electric service by using a variety of fuels. When the wind isn’t blowing, our traditional power plants come into play. It’s a perfect solution for our customers.

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Reduce Emissions with Renewable Energy Credits

Purchasing as little as 1,000 kWh of wind power per month for one year is equivalent to removing 9 tons of carbon emissions from the air.

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Which Level is Right for Me?

We can help you decide which of our three levels of RECs are right for your home or business.

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