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SmartHours® – Because it’s a SMART Time to Save on Energy

Right now, saving on energy is a smart move. With SmartHours®, you have that power. Switch to our SmartHours® program, shift your energy usage outside of peak hours (Monday-Friday, 2-7 pm) from June 1st to September 30th and save by cutting costs for the other 19 hours of the day nearly in half. Take back control of your energy expenses: switch, shift and save.

It’s as Easy as Switch, Shift and Save


Switching to SmartHours® is the first step toward big and smart savings on energy. Enroll here or by contacting our team and you’ll be putting yourself back in control of your energy costs. It takes just three easy clicks to save big.



With SmartHours®, you have control over your energy usage and bill. By shifting your use and not using electricity weekdays between 2 to 7 pm from June 1st to September 30th,  you’ll pay roughly half price for electricity the other 19 hours, as well as on weekends and holidays. That means small changes like waiting to start the laundry, pre-cooling your home or business, or turning off the TV when no one’s watching could provide you with big and smart savings.

To help ensure you are in control of your energy costs, SmartHours® customers can check our always up-to-date SmartHours pricing signal online or opt in to receive day-ahead price notifications daily via your choice of email, phone or text through myOGEalerts. In the event of high-energy demand caused by a critical event, we’ll send you critical event notices at least two hours ahead, so you can prepare and stay in control.



SmartHours® puts you in complete control of your savings. You control your thermostat. You decide all your electricity use. By shifting energy usage during peak hours through small changes, you will see big and smart savings on your energy bill. Even if you don’t shift much, you still save money by being on the program. The savings add up with hour-after-hour of low-price, off-peak electricity, so you can have the money to spend on the things you need and love.

SmartHours® Savings

You control your thermostat. You decide all of your electricity use. So, take complete control of your comfort and savings—save as much or as little as you want. The more you shift usage outside of peak hours, the more you save.

Smart hours Off-Peak hours are anytime except 2-7p.m. weekdays and is 5 cents per kWh. Peak hours are 2-7p.m. weekdays and for low is 5 cents per kWh, standard is 10 cents per kWh, high is 26 cents per kWh, and critical is 47 cents per kWh

You can always check the daily SmartHours price signal online. You can also choose to receive day-ahead notifications via text, email, or phone via myOGEalerts. On occasion, high energy demand may cause a critical event. While these events are rare, they can occur any time of day, any time of year and can last up to eight hours. OG&E sends critical event notices at least two hours ahead, so you can prepare. The savings still add up with hour after hour of low-price, off-peak electricity.

And Then Save Even More

Our partnership with If This, Then That (IFTTT) offers technology that enables your smart thermostat to automatically react to daily price signals. Connect your thermostat to IFTTT and then set your thermostat to react to low, standard, high and critical rates communicated daily by OG&E.

Learn More About SmartHours and IFTTT

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