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Application Process
How do I apply for a position at OG&E?

Visit the “Work at OG&E” page of to view current job openings.

Do I need a resume?

Yes, submitting a resume is highly recommended and is crucial to helping us determine whether you qualify for the position to which you are applying.

What is the recruiting/hiring process?

After applying online, candidates are typically notified in three to four weeks if they have been selected for an interview or not. After interviews have been conducted, candidates selected for hire will receive a contingent offer and will complete a pre-employment screening process. Upon successful completion, a start date will be set.

How do I know if you received my application?

You are immediately informed that your application has been received via email after applying.

When will I hear back about my application?

Candidates typically receive feedback within four weeks from the time of application.

How do I find out about future job openings?

We highly encourage you to create a “Job Agent” after you have established your job profile. A Job Agent immediately emails you alerts as new positions become available. You also may regularly visit  the Careers page on our website.

Who is eligible to apply for an internship?

Any student currently enrolled in an accredited university, college or vocational school and pursuing the degree listed in the requirements of the position is eligible to apply.

How do I apply for an internship?

Visit the “Work at OG&E” page of to view all current openings.

Do you hire students straight out of school?

Yes, we hire recent graduates from accredited universities, colleges and technical  schools.

How old do I have to be to work at OGE?

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Employment Testing
Is there pre-employment testing?

Yes, pre-employment testing is required, and the type of testing varies by position.

How do I find out if my position requires a Physical Abilities Test (PAT)?

Please go to the Physical Demands page of our website to see which positions require a PAT along with the physical demands of the position.

Do you have a Fitness-for-Duty program?

Yes. Safety is our number one concern for our employees. In an effort to have an incident- and injury-free workforce, we conduct fitness for duty testing, including physical ability testing.