Physical Demands

Physical Ability Test Jobs

The physical demands described in the documents below are the essential functions of the job, and in order to qualify for the job one must pass a Physical Ability Test. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

Building Electronics Technician Associate and Building Electtronics Technician Staff

Building Mechanic I, II, III

Cable Locator & Cable Locator Apprentice

Cable Splicer, Cable Splicer Apprentice & Foreman Underground Network

CEMS Technician I, II, Senior, and Lead

Confined Space Rescue Team Member

Distribution Construction Customer Rep

Engineering Technician Intern,Staff I, II, Senior, Associate & Lead

Envirochemist Staff Senior and Lead

Facilities Construction Coordinator Staff and Senior

Fleet Mechanic Intern, Fleet Mechanic Apprentice, Fleet Mechanic, Fleet Mechanic Senior, Foreman Fleet Mechanic

Foreman Building Electronics

Foreman Fuel Supply

Foreman Plant Operations

Fuel Supply Tech I, II & Senior

Heavy Hauler i & II

I&C Technician Intern, I, II, Senior & Lead; ICE Technician I, II, Senior & Lead

Lineman Apprentice (Transmission), Lineman (Transmission), Foreman-A Transmission

Linemen Intern, Lineman Apprentice (Distribution), Lineman (Distribution) Foreman-A & B Construction (Distribution)

Mail Handler I & II

Maintenance Welder

Material Handler I, II & III

Meter Shop Technician Associate and Meter Shop Technician

Meter Technician Apprentice I & II

Operations & Maintenance Technician I, II, Lead & Senior

Planner Power Plants Staff & Senior

Plant Chemist I, II, Senior & Lead

Plant Electrician I, II, Senior & Lead

Plant Maintenance Foreman & Supervisor

Plant Mechanic I, II, Senior & Lead

Plant Operator Intern, I, II, III, Senior & Lead

Power Equipment Technician

Power Quality Technician Apprentice & Power Quality Technician

Printing Service Associate, Staff, Lead-Specialist

Renewable Energy Tech I, II & Senior

Relay Technician Intern, Apprentice, Relay Technician, Foreman Substation Relay

Service Technician, Area Service Technician

Shift Supervisor

Substation Construction Tech Apprentice, Substation Construction Tech, Foreman-A Substation Construction

System Maintenance Technician Apprentice, System Maintenance Technician

Technical Specialist I, II and Sr. -- Reliability

Technical Specialist-Testing (Automation) Senior and Lead

Technician Substation Maintenance Apprentice, Technician Substation Maintenance, Foreman Substation Maintenance